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プログラムの楽しさ、難しさにふれ、いつの間にかハードを学ようになり、APPLE(APPLE II)、NEC(PC8000)の黎明期にあった事も重なって、何時しか周囲のパソコン駆け込み寺に。.....




Do you begin, and is anything in trouble with the personal computer?PET (It yearns.) was touched for the first time in about 1975 years when a personal computer was still being called a microcomputer in (before 4 halves century) the high school age, and it faced the happiness of the program, difficulty, and hardware was learned during when.It piled up, and it became a free information bureau that there was it in APPLE (APPLE II), the dawn term of NEC (PC8000), too, what time of the surrounding personal computer.It was the world of" astro boy"21 centuries 【I imagined it in my childhood 】.It still seems to be far a little. However, the speed of the evolution of the personal computer is a 21st century when there is a thing which exceeds expectation by far and to look forward to.

If something is in trouble with the personal computer, readily, letter, please.